What Is the Management of Creatinine 3.86

What Is the Management of Creatinine 3.86“My father is a CKD patient. His creatinine is 3.86. What is the management? Does he need Dialysis?” With the progress of kidney disease, almost all patients will suffer from High Creatinine Level. No matter your creatinine level higher or lower than 3.86, continue to read carefully. This article will tell you an effective method to reduce it.

What is the management of creatinine 3.86?

- You should purify the blood firstly.

Refers to the blood purification, you might think dialysis. Although creatinine 3.86 higher than the normal range, this does not mean that you must start to dialysis. In Chinese Medicine, there are some treatments, to help eliminate waste in the body. For example, Medicated Bath Therapy and Foot Bath Therapy can help discharge the toxins from the body via skin. You can also use Enema Therapy to remove waste. After half a month of treatment, your creatinine level will drop at least 10%.

- You should repair the kidney damage.

Only when your damaged kidney function is repaired and restored, your creatinine can be reduced out of the body. In addition to purify the blood, you also should improve the blood circulation, increase blood flow to the kidney damage, provide them with adequate nutrients and oxygen and gradually accelerate renal function recovery. Chinese Medicine Treatments include Micro - Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Moxibustion, and Acupuncture and so on can help achieve these goals. But they will take a long time to improve renal function, about 1 to 2 years or 3 to 4 years of treatment. Then your disease will stabilize.

Hope the above helps you manage creatinine 3.86 effectively. If you want to have a try, welcome to China. Any question, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free or leave message below.

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