What Should Kidney Stone Patient with High Creatinine Do

Kidney Stone,High Creatinine,Chinese MedicineMost people think Kidney Stone is not important for their healthy, so that they do not pay too much attention on that in most time. While as a matter of fact, it will also cause kidney damage without effective treatment.

High creatinine in patients with kidney stones is usually a warning sign that the kidneys have been damaged by the kidney stones. If you are troubled by elevated creatinine, it is necessary to adjust to an appropriate diet and treat the scarred kidneys properly so as to bring abnormal creatinine levels under control.

Why kidney stones cause high creatinine?

In a patient with kidney stones, combined urinary tract infections can also contribute to elevated creatinine. In some cases, elevated creatinine may be the effect of certain Nephrotoxic medicines, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NASID). Therefore, the doctors will firstly ask detailed medical history of a patient before diagnosing further.

How should kidney stone patient with high creatinine do?

There is a special diet to stick to for patients with kidney stones and elevated creatinine. As high creatinine mainly results from poorly functioning kidneys, it should be noticed that treatment for improving the injured kidneys is appropriate to lower creatinine. There are several types of kidney stones; because people have refractory renal stones, they may use herbal medicine treatment which helps prevent further formation of stones and improve the kidneys.

If certain medicines are causing the increase in creatinine levels, the best way to lower it is by lowering the drug dosages. Since the kidneys are weak, avoid consuming caffeine, sugary foods, dairy foods, red meat, alcoholic beverages, processed foods and other fatty foods, which can allow kidneys to work more efficiently. If you are seeking for a renal diet, you will find most requires low sodium diet which helps to control blood pressure and prevent fluid retention. Proteins should be those from animal products such as egg white, lean meat, milk, etc.

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