How to Treat for Kidney Failure and Elevated Creatinine

Elevated Creatinine,Kidney Failure,Chinese MedicineElevated Creatinine always have closely relationship with Kidney Failure. While as a matter of fact, if you want to control kidney failure well, creatinine level should be controlled well at first.

In clinic, elevated creatinine level is associated with the declined kidney function. If you really want to lower it, you should promote your kidney function. Only in this way can you prevent it from increasing again.

Chinese medicine therapies can be applied to help you expel waste products from the blood, such as medicated foot bath, medicated full bath, enema therapy, steam therapy, circle therapy and so on. After about half month’s treatment, your creatinine level will go down at least 10%.

Besides, some other Chinese medicine may be applied into renal disease treatment, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Moxibustion, Navel Therapy, Acupuncture, etc. They can help promote blood circulation to remove stasis so as to ensure blood circulation in body is fluent. They can also dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure and increase blood flow into kidneys so that enough oxygen, nutrients, active ingredients of medicines and other essential elements can be transported into kidneys to help the damaged parts to heal themselves.

As long as the damaged parts of kidneys repaired, blood can flow through kidneys smoothly, that will helpful for patients to restore kidney function. After that, the kidneys are able lower creatinine by themselves. That is to say, you do not have to realy on dialysis as the only treatment for that. And you do not have to worry about kidney transplant or relapse of high creatinine level.

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