How to Treat for Creatinine 5 after Kidney Transplant Failed

Creatinine 5,Kidney Transplant Failed,Blood Pollution TherapyI am a Kidney Transplant Failure patient from 12 years and now with creatinine 5. What to do to reduce the high level? Please reply soon.

For your question here we will give you some advice. As you said, your transplant was done 12 years ago. Latest increase of serum creatinine is most possibly the beginning of chronic rejection, which is the most common reason for a transplanted kidney losing function.

For now, your creatinine has increases to 5. This indicates that your new kidney is severely damaged. So it fails to work adequately to remove waste products. What to do to solve the problem?

In your case of Kidney Transplant Failure with creatinine 5, the most essential thing is to prevent further damage to your transplanted kidney, anti-inflammation, remove harmful toxins and wastes out of the body, preserve and improve the overall renal function, as well as regulate the body’s immune system. Only in this way, you can expect satisfying curative effects.

Have you found an effective method with the above functions? If no, you are suggested to consider taking systematic treatment called Blood Pollution Therapy.

So far, Blood Pollution Therapy is the most advanced development in treating kidney transplant failure with creatinine 5. If treated in time, you can avoid dialysis or another transplantation successfully. If you are interested to learn more details, please click Here. If you still have any question about your condition and the treatment, please tell us. We will try our best to help you.

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