Creatinine Downs to 1.1 Means What for Kidney Disease Patients

Creatinine Downs to 1.1,Reversible,No DialysisCreatinine Downs to 1.1 means what for kidney disease patients? I am diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease, but my creatinine level has down to 1.1 from 1.9. Does that mean the kidney disease is reversible?

For this question, the answer is yes, kidney disease can be reversed if the patient can find it in the early stage and get proper treatment timely.

Experts said that diet plays an important role in curing Chronic Kidney Disease, a good diet may double the curative effect, a bad diet may bring further damage to kidney. So take a large amount of protein in a short time may lead the creatinine level increases, after you adjust your diet plan, the creatinine level may back to normal again. But if you can not make adjustment in time, the high creatinine level may damage your kidney, thus induce kidney disease. So once your creatinine increased, even it is just higher that the normal level, you should pay attention to it, so as to prevent further damage to your kidney.

If the increased creatinine level is caused by disease factor, you also can reverse it as long as it is not over too much than the normal level. Just like we mentioned at the beginning, the creatinine level 1.9 is just over the normal level 1.2, so a timely proper treatment can lower it.

Therefore, if you are a person with high creatinine level, do not scared, just go to a normal hospital and find the underlying causes, then take corresponding measures according to your own condition, you can control it soon.

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