How to Deal with High Creatinine Level after Dialysis Treatment

Reduce High Creatinine Level,after Dialysis,Toxin-Removing TreatmentHow to deal with High Creatinine Level after Dialysis Treatment? In most countries, dialysis is used to lower down high creatinine level and alleviate its discomforts. However, after dialysis, creatinine level is still high. What is the reason? And is there any treatment to deal with this problem?

First, why creatinine level is still high after dialysis?

Creatinine is one waste product in our body and it should be removed by our kidneys. However, when kidneys are damaged, creatinine will build up in blood, causing high creatinine level. Dialysis is used to remove waste product from our body and lower down high creatinine level. You can see obvious effect quickly. But you should make clear that dialysis is just renal replacement so it can not lower down your high creatinine level from the root. Once you stop dialysis, creatinine will build up in blood again. This is the reason why creatinine level is still high after dialysis.

Second, how to deal with high creatinine level after dialysis?

High creatinine level is mainly due to kidney damage, that lead to parts of kidney function lose and then make creatinine level higher than normal. So you need to purify your blood to make the

The method to purify your blood is Toxin-Removing Treatment which consists of a series of Chinese medicine treatments including Medicated Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Medicinal Soup, Mai Kang Mixture, Moxibustion Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Circle Therapy and Acupuncture, etc. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can draw out toxins from your blood and kidney intrinsic cells. They can also remove blood stasis, improve blood circulation, increase blood flow, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix and provide nutrients. In this way, a clean and nutritious internal environment is provided, which can speed up the recovery of your kidney function. When your renal function is improved, your high creatinine level will be reduced radically. Also it is possible for you to reduce dialysis frequency or even avoid dialysis. You need a long time treatment to avoid dialysis.

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