Can CKD Patients with Creatinine 11.4 Prevent from Dialysis

Can CKD Patients with Creatinine 11.4 Prevent from DialysisThe creatinine is an obvious sign of CKD, and most of the CKD patients usually rely on the dialysis to lower the high creatinine level. Now, I am willing to tell you that, the dialysis is not a the only way to lower the dialysis. The CKD patients with creatinine 11.4 also can prevent from the dialysis. The secret is Chinese medical treatments. If you want to know clearly of them, you can contact our ONLINE DOCTOR.

What does creatinine 11.4 mean for CKD patients?

CKD can be divided into 5 stages by creatinine level:

Stage 1: Scr<1.5umol/l

Stage 2: 1.5umol/l> Scr>2.0umol/l

Stage 3: 2.1umol/l> Scr>5.0umol/l

Stage 4: 5.1umol/l> Scr>7.9umol/l

Stage 5: Scr>7.9umol/l

From above, you can know clearly, the creatinine 11.4 is so high for CKD patients, and that mean their conditions have worsen to end stage renal disease.

Chinese medical treatments help CKD patients with creatinine 11.4 prevent from dialysis

The Chinese medical treatments have thousands years of history in china, and they can deal with various kinds of difficult diseases. So that the Chinese medical treatments are so honored in the world. One of the most famous one in our hospital is The “four plus seven” treatment, which is completely natural to the CKD patients. It includes a series Chinese medical treatments, the “four” refers to a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral Chinese Medicine, a dose of external application and a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. “seven” refers to Circle Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy, Enema Therapy, Frangrance Therapy. These treatments can expand blood vessels, discharge harmful waste, improve immune system, and promote the whole blood circulations.

Our Chinese medical treatments can help CKD patients with creatinine 11.4 prevent from the dialysis successfully. If you also want to them, you can send , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney.

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