CKD Patients Low Blood Pressure after Dialysis

CKD Patients Low Blood Pressure after DialysisIt is not surprise for CKD patients suffering from the low blood pressure after the dialysis. Because the low blood pressure is one of the symptoms of the dialysis. And it is so important for the CKD patients to know the reasons and treatments of low blood pressure after dialysis. If you contact our ONLINE DOCTOR, you can get more useful information.

Why the CKD patients appear low blood pressure after dialysis?

The root of the low blood pressure is the damaged kidney. The kidney is an important organ, once it was be damaged, there will accompany a lot of painful symptoms. The kidney can help us remove some harmful waste out of body. While, when it fail to do its work, there will be more and more toxic fluid remaining in the blood, which can lead to the low blood pressure. And the dialysis is no use to the low blood pressure, even it can aggravate this symptom, because the dialysis machine also can bring some fresh blood out of body. That is why the CKD patients will appear serious low blood pressure after the dialysis.

How to deal with the low blood pressure after the dialysis

The Chinese Medicated Bath in our hospital is a suitable way to this problem. Our Chinese medicated bath is made by some Chinese medical herbs. the CKD patients with low blood pressure just need to soak into the hot medical bath, then the blood vessels will be expanded a lot, thus the whole blood circulation will be improved a lot. Beside that, the active Chinese medicine also can penetrated to the damaged kidney parts and repaired the damaged kidney. After some times the CKD patients apply our therapy, the low blood pressure will disappear.

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