Is Swollen Feet and Legs Caused by Chronic Kidney Disease

Is Swollen Feet and Legs Caused by Chronic Kidney DiseaseSome Chronic Kidney Disease patients are suffering from the swollen feet and legs which make them can not walk normally. And most of them are eager to know if there any relationship between the swollen feet and the chronic kidney disease. As for this question, I will share something useful to you. While if you want to know more of it, you can contact our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Is there any relationship between swollen and chronic kidney disease?

When the patients are told they had the chronic kidney disease, there will be a lot of painful symptoms accompany them, and the swollen is one of them. The main factor for swollen feet and legs is the damaged kidney. As we all know, the healthy kidney can remove toxic substance and extra fluid out of body. While when the kidney is destroyed by CKD, they will fail to discharge the extra water out of body, so with time going on, the CKD patients will appear serious swollen in the feet and legs.

How to remove the swollen for CKD patients

The key for CKD patients to get rid of the swollen is improving the kidney function. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in our hospital is a great therapy to improve the kidney function. Because the micro Chinese medicine in this therapy can be sent to the surface of the kidney. So that the damaged kidney cells and tissues will be repaired directly. Beside that, our active Chinese medicine also have great function of expanding blocked blood vessels and accelerating the metabolism. Through which, more and more toxic waste and extra fluid will be discharged out of the body. Then you can surprised to find that the swollen feet and legs will be relieved a lot.

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