Know More About Bubbles In Urine And Find Best Treatment

Bubbles In Urine,Best Treatment,Micro-Chinese Medcine OsmotherapyIn most condition for people with kidney disease, bubbles in urine means they have Proteinuria.

While as a matter of fact urine bubbles can be caused by many reasons, and usually people will ignore it in most of the situation. But do you know that if the bubbles can not disappear in a long time that may indicate your kidneys are in disorder now, but not all the bubbles indicate kidney disease.

What are the reasons for people have bubbles in urine?

Some of the bubbles can be induced by the food you eat, and some of them can be caused by Diabetes and others may induced by kidney damage.

If the bubbles can disappear within a very short time, it is not a problem, that may indicate you’ve ate some foods with high protein. If the bubbles is bigger than the normal ones and disappear in a short time that may indicate Diabetes. If the bubbles are tiny and last for a long time, that may indicate kidney disease, then you’d better go to see your doctor and make further diagnosis.

What shoue be the best treatment for urine bubbles?

From the above we can know that there are many factors can cause it, so when you deal it you should know the underlying causes clearly and then take corresponding measures. If you are a kind disease patients with bubbles in urine, it can be called as Proteinuria, we can recommend you about Micro-Chinese Medcine Osmotherapy and a series of other Chinese medicine treatment for that. They are the best treatment without hormone to control Proteinuria well.

If you need help in dealing it, or have other questions about kidney disease, you can send email to us or consult our doctor on WhatsApp/Viber directly, we will try our best to help you.

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