What Is Good Source of Calcium for a Renal Patient

What Is Good Source of Calcium for a Renal PatientWhat Is Good Source of Calcium for a Renal Patient. When you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), it is of great importance to keep the proper calcium levels in your body. Well then, what is good source of calcium for a renal patient? Now, let’s have a look.

Calcium plays an important role in our body which can help build up strong, dense bones. About 99 percent of calcium in our bodies is our bones and teeth. Besides, it can help our blood clot, nerves send messages and muscles contract. For patients with kidney disease, they are more likely to suffer from low calcium level and high phosphorus level, which can induce numerous problems just like bone problems and skin problems.

Calcium is found naturally in dairy products. Unfortunately, these same foods are very high in phosphorus and are not good choices for people with kidney disease who require a low-phosphorus diet. Whether your calcium is low or high, your dietitian will coach you on foods to add or remove from your diet.

Nutrition Facts on food labels often do not provide information on calcium. Because it’s not listed doesn’t mean the food is calcium-free. Because food labels aren’t required to list the calcium content, talking to a renal dietitian and reading the label ingredients will be helpful to learn which foods contain calcium

Foods that may have added calcium include processed or packaged foods such as cereals, crackers or breads; juices and powdered drink mixes; and milk substitutes such as soy or almond milk. In addition to dairy products, other foods that naturally contain calcium include rhubarb, spinach, black strap molasses, sardines and salmon canned with bones. Many of these foods are also high in phosphorus and may not be recommended for the CKD diet.

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