The Dangerous Creatinine Level to the CKD Patients with Blood Urine

The Dangerous Creatinine Level to the CKD Patients with Blood UrineThe creatinine is an obvious sign of the CKD, and the high creatinine level can lead to the serious kidney disease. So the CKD patients with blood urine are supposed to pay more attention to their creatinine level, and go to the hospital regular. Now I will discuss some information about the creatinine level and the CKD.

What is the dangerous cretainine level for the CKD patients?

There are five stages of the CKD, and they are divided by the creatinine level. The first and second stages of the CKD is not serious to the patients, and in stage 2 CKD the creatinine is 133umol/l---177umol/l. And when the creatinine level rising to the 186umol/l---442umol/l, the CKD patients will appear some obvious symptoms. And the 443umol/l----707umol/l is a so dangerous stage of the CKD, in which stage the patients’ condition have worsen to the kidney failure. And if the creatienine level is greater than the 708umol/l, that means a lot of the kidney functions have lost.

Natural treatments to control the high creatinine level for the CKD patients with blood urine

There are so many natural treatments in our hospital, which are make full used of the effective Chinese medical herbs. One of them is the Chinese medical circle therapy, which combine the Chinese medical herbs and the acupoints. Some selected Chinese medical herbs are supposed to make into unguent, and we cover them on the corresponding acupoints. And though special ways we make the Chinese medicine into the internal body. so the whole blood circulation will be improved a lot, and some harmful creatinine will be discharged out of the body.

Beside the Chinese medical circle therapy, there are a lot of the chinese medical therapies can deal with the high creatinine for the CKD patients. So if you have the idea to try them, you can send emails to, or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13383015760/13503211882, or communicate with us through the skype:abc.kidney




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