Best Treatment for Renal Parenchymal Disease of Type 1

Best Treatment for Renal Parenchymal Disease of Type 1Best Treatment for Renal Parenchymal Disease of Type 1. Renal parenchymal disease of type 1 appears in some people’s ultrasound test. However, few people what on earth it means, and what are best treatment for renal parenchymal disease of type 1. Today, follow me to find the answer.

What does renal parenchymal disease of type 1 mean?

Kidneys have two sub types of medical conditions, parenchymal and vascular. Renal parenchyma refers to medical condition involving tissues, so renal parenchymal disease means a part of kidney intrinsic cells are damaged and kidney function declines gradually. If you happen to suffer from this disease, kidney scarring can be seen on an ultrasound.

In clinic, renal parenchymal disease occurs as a consequence of ischemia and anoxia. Various conditions can lead to these two problems such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney infections, PKD cysts, kidney stone, etc.

Best treatment for renal parenchymal disease of type 1

Firstly, the primary cause should be found out and managed well. Long-term diabetes and hypertension are most common causes of renal parenchymal disease. If either of them is the reason of your disease, you should control your blood glucose and blood pressure well through medications and diet.

Since lack of blood and oxygen is the main cause of kidney cells’ death, one purpose of the treatment should be to increase the blood flow within kidneys. More blood flows into kidneys can provide enough nutritions and oxygens for kidney cells. Some traditional Chinese medicines have a benefit of extending blood vessels, so they can help achieve this goal.

Finally, restoration of damaged kidney tissues in renal parenchyma should also be paid high attention. When these tissues recover to work again, it means type 1 renal parenchymal disease is treated fundamentally.

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