Does Tea Colored Urine Indicate Kidney Disease

Does Tea Colored Urine Indicate Kidney DiseaseDoes Tea Colored Urine Indicate Kidney Disease. Does tea colored urine indicate kidney disease? Urine is produced by our kidneys, so kidney damage is the main cause of changes of urine color. Now, let’s have a look!

Why does tea colored urine occur in kidney disease?

As we all know, our kidneys are very important organs that are endowed with numerous functions for keeping our body health. One function of kidneys is in charge of preserving red blood cells. In normal conditions, most red blood cells cannot pass through glomerular filtration membrane and come into the urine. So there is limited red blood cells in a person with healthy kidneys. Blood in urine occurs when red blood cell count in urine exceeds a certain number. Damaged filtration membrane fail to preserve red blood cells. Under such a condition, large amounts of red blood cells leak into urine cause blood in urine. The urine color can be tea colored or dark orange.

Well then, does all tea colored urine indicates renal damage?

Of course not. In our daily life, B vitamins turn the color of urine to green, carrot juice can mae urine color into orange and porphyria. Dyes, foods, prescription drugs and supplements change the color of the urine. However, these changes are temporary and harmless. If the change in the color of the urine does not be related with food or medications, or if it persists, you should consult the doctor. This condition is usually a sign of kidney damage.

Last but not least, how to relieve the condition for renal disease patients?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair impaired glomerular filtration membrane effectively and radically. Besides, Chinese medicines can supply some nutrients to speed up the recovery. Tea-colored urine can be stopped fundamentally. Hope you can seize the chance to treat your condition. The earlier, the better. Any questions.

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