How Long Can You Live When Kidneys Shut Down

How Long Can You Live When Kidneys Shut DownHow Long Can You Live When Kidneys Shut Down. How long can one live when kidneys shut down? For Kidney Failure patients, they can not live as long as a normal person lives due to the impaired kidney function. Therefore, how long they can live becomes a concern or a hot topic among them.

Actually, how long can one live when kidneys shut down depends on many factors. For an individual whose kidneys have shut down completely and meanwhile with no dialysis, he is only able to live several days.

Kidney is a very important organ with several functions: regulate blood pressure, produce urine, maintain balance of electrolyte, water and acid-base, secrete hormone and remove wastes in blood and so on. When kidneys shut down completely, dialysis or kidney transplant is required. A matched kidney is very hard to found, so dialysis becomes the life-saving method for kidney failure patients.

When kidneys shut down, Dialysis can be used to remove toxins in blood, which will help to protect other internal organs. Although kidney dialysis can cause serious side effects, it is ever reported that one with kidney dialysis can live as long as 19 years. Therefore, it is possible for end stage kidney failure patients to live a long life with dialysis. Kidney dialysis is life-saving, but in some cases, patients die of severe infection or other complications after starting dialysis for several days or several weeks. From this we can know that life span for patients with Kidney Dialysis varies from case to case.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause for kidney failure patients’ death, so preventing heart from being affected is crucial. To protect heart effectively, people whose kidneys have shut down need to bring blood pressure into normal range and reduce potassium intake if the potassium level in blood is higher than the normal range 3.7-5.2mEq/L (different from country to country). Also, it is necessary for them to improve kidney function if they still have a certain urine output. Kidneys filter blood and remove wastes with urine output. For completely failed kidney, there is no method to improve kidney condition according to current illness condition. But for these who still have a certain urine output, there are healthy kidney function and it is possible for medicines to flow into kidney with blood flow to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. As long as kidney damages are repaired, kidney function gets improved and life span is increased.

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